Thanks for the good times!

We are retiring The Cartographer.

We launched The Cartographer in November 2010, after nine months' development as we cruised up through Europe, using and refining the app as we went. It was our first app, and we watched with nervous anticipation as it went live on the App Store.

Shortly afterwards, Apple featured The Cartographer on the front page of the App Store – for nine consecutive weeks!

The Cartographer's had some good times since then, but it's time to let the old gal go.

I no longer have the resources to offer the dedicated support on which I pride myself, and have consequently decided to retire the app.

Michael Tyson,
A Tasty Pixel

PS. Here are some alternatives:

The Cartographer Google My Maps iPhone travel app

The Cartographer

Evocative of a time when maps were works of art, The Cartographer gives you the power to access and edit your custom Google My Maps on your iPhone, on an intuitive and beautiful interface.

Offline map features let you avoid roaming charges and go places your mobile network doesn’t.

The Cartographer lets you research vacations and errands and take notes on the desktop, then take it all with you, effortlessly.

The Cartographer: Google maps iPhone travel app

The Cartographer Clipper


Add markers to your Google My Maps, from any webpage.

Clip information from any site - hotel directories, restaurant websites, even forum postings. Addresses are auto-discovered, images pulled out and the selected text is placed into the description. Save to an existing map, or create a new one.

Then, use The Cartographer to access and edit your Google My Maps from your iPhone.

The Clipper is a bookmarklet that works in any modern web browser. To install, simply drag the link on the right into your browser's bookmarks toolbar.


Drag to bookmarks bar

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View route lines and shapes: Great for hikers, cyclists and road-trippers

Sync your Google My Maps with your iPhone


Drag placemarks, edit titles and notes, and publish changes to My Maps effortlessly


Share your maps and placemarks with friends and family, via email and Twitter

Offline maps

Avoid data and roaming charges with offline maps


Create rich, meaningful maps with 99 beautifully designed icons

Control access

Control public access to your maps, or even keep maps entirely offline